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Year Winter (January - March) 2024

Year Winter (January - March) 2024

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....we are nature, and we're meant to flow as such....

We're no longer ascribing to the gregorian calendar that  arbitrarily starts the New Year on January 1st. Instead, we are re-aligning with nature's rhythm, trusting our intuitive flow and approaching the seasons as years.

Welcome to your guide for Year Winter, or the Winter Season!✨ This is a 3-month overview, from January - March 2024, that includes;

  • The Year Winter framework
  • The Winter Season of spiritual growth
  • Astrological breakdown and guidance for the month
  • Reflection questions 

once booked, you'll receive an email with the download.


there will be a guide for each season this year, get them while they're on pre-sale!✨

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