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shadow work session

shadow work session

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you deserve to live free and healed from trauma✨

these sessions are a safe, nonjudgemental space tailored to supporting you on your shadow work journey. we also discuss how to use the energy of the current astrology to help navigate your work.

this is for those beginning their shadow work journey, or those familiar + looking for tools + support furthering their work

these sessions are to help activate the divinity within. there is no shadow you can't face + transform. we just need support + a new perspective of approaching things.  - some common shadow work themes are the inner child + ...

  • inner child wound
  • grudge/betrayal wound
  • parent/ancestral wound
  • abandonment/rejection wound
  • fear / imposter syndrome wound
  • sex/shame wound
  • fear/lack mindset wound
  • trauma/grief wound
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